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Welcome to the dberkeygroup blogsite. It is within these pages and categories (2nd line of titles above) I discuss and inform about various strategies in visual communication. Due to my background, many strategies involve various print media and the power it offers to any marketing strategy. However, it’s “beyond print” that fascinates me, and many of my posts concern themselves with concepts other than print.

“Print marketing” is effectively used to reach beyond itself. After all, print is only a single touch-point of contact. Print-to-web can be utilized to drive potential clients to connect  with your product or service in multiple ways. By combining print with online media, your efforts to create a call to action is greatly improved.

Imagine speaking directly to your target audience, utilizing relevant copy that ties to your prospect, donor or client’s desires, wishes or activities. Print can now deliver that message. It can combine your database with various content and images to create individual connections. Using print along with other channels in a personalized fashion can dramatically increase responses directed at sales, fund raising or loyalty programs. Read my posts about cross media marketing to find out more.

All my posts within these blog pages, are tagged with concepts like cross media, one-to-one marketing, segmentation, personalization, direct response, digital print vs offset, banner production, QR codes, mobile coupons and many other ideas I come across. In the near future, I’ll be exploring video conferencing. My posts are organized by categories, listed in the sub-head, so you may call up articles by interest. I thought this would help viewers to navigate more easily to topics relevant to themselves.

Most the articles permit responses, so feel free to respond and share your thoughts. I always like to learn. So, please teach, if appropriate, keeping your language professional in manner. I would like this blog to not only be about myself but for all communication professionals, and those that might use us, to share, teach and learn. Should you want to contact me directly or have dberkeygroup bid a project, I have supplied a submit form page on the first line above.