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Artists vs Vendors

This is a response to Seth’s Blog: Talent and vendors:
Your first statement sums it up; sometimes an artist is a vendor and sometimes a vendor may be an artist. It all depends upon the creative talent that is brought forth in any project. For instance, I have worked with many “artists” as their “vendor”, when strictly in the print industry. Yet, they picked me because of that extra value I brought forth in understanding how their artistry was to be presented. Did the art require a double bump to ensure coverage, a white undercoat on foil stock to ensure color pop, a 5th or 6th spot color to enrich a feel or look. All these and more made me different. Today, I utilize artists, writers and printers to bring the whole package together for my clients. However, which “artist” I use depends upon the needs of the client. It’s the skill of match-making, understanding what artist is best for which project. Even printers range. Some are extraordinary, producing quality unsurpassed, utilizing stochastic screens at 10 microns, producing amazing color at 18,000 impressions per hour, sheet-fed, and capable of printing on plastics, 24pt board and magnetized paper. Other printers help produce variable data, direct mail campaigns, driving readers to web-sites and social media sites while tracking their movements for the marketers. Yet, many clients believe these are “vendors”, believing price is most important, when in reality the costs are meaningless if the results required are achieved. My point is that just because they use machines and software, doesn’t mean they’re any less creative. Are they less creative than the myriad of web-site designers and graphic designers that fight for clients to make a living, many utilizing worn out cliches in design? (After all, not all artists should be artists, except for their own satisfaction.) In addition, is a great pressman less creative than a known designer or writer, who creates for awards instead of achieving the communication results the client needs? To me, some printers are artists, some are just vendors with machinery. The problem is finding who is passionate enough about their work to make it art. Otherwise, they are just a vendor, replicable in every way.

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About dberkey

[dberkeygroup] is your communication fulfillment team. We let you deal with your business, while we manage your communication and marketing projects. We deal with the "how", utilizing a variety of technologies to better manage your communication needs. Through a group network, dberkeygroup helps get your message out, from concept to completion. Why waste your time trying to figure out the "how" in your marketing efforts, when you should be spending time on the business you know? Some of the projects and goals we have helped succeed: - Cross selling products to various markets. - Fund raising with non-profits. - Generate more RFP opportunities. - Simplify a lead generating process. - Create brand awareness. - Help with trade show presence. Some projects involve creative people, such as graphic designers, writers and website developers. Others involve mail houses, printers (offset, digital or wide format). Other projects involve a mix of many sources. With [dberkeygroup], you only pay for what you need. No extraneous overhead, not lots of employees. We target with the best sources because how your clients see you is important. Our job is to make you and your business look good and make those projects as simple for you as possible.


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