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Marketing Contractors

Today, Fri., 12/2/2011, I was in conversation with a friend whose business deals with contractors and others within the building industry. Although he is in the financial side of the business, he’s always asked what to do about marketing their services. And that they need a job NOW.

Why he asked me is that I have many contacts and skill sets that allow me to understand, and bring to the table, many aspects of the marketing process, from technology to implementation. So, whether a company needs to use direct mail, social media, websites, text messaging, I can help them implement their plan or assist with potential options that will fit their strategy.

First of all, marketing 101 will tell you to plan ahead. The wise man will tell you, “don’t wait until you’re thirsty before digging a well.” Obviously, you may die of thirst while digging. So, thinking in terms of 2 weeks to implement a plan will not work.

Next in marketing 101, you need a budget. This may be a percentage of gross proceeds or planned revenue, if starting out. For instance, you know the area in which your business will occur. You know how many people are within this area and the age of their homes. You know how many contractors, builders, etc. are in the area. You know how many construction projects have occurred and contract out for bid. You know what income you need to survive. You have a lot of information. Now, what do you do with it? You need to figure out how to reach those contractors you serve, potential home-owners who may remodel, or potential window, door or roof replacements. To do that, you need a marketing budget. It costs to advertise, print door hangers, do mailings, create websites, spend time at networking events, etc. and it takes time. So, create a budget with a timeline.

Now, you need a partner to help you do all this. You can’t spend all your time doing marketing. Yes, you do have to network. Attend events that will 1) teach you something, 2) will provide potential clients, 3) will introduce you to your peers (and competitors), because they share your same concerns. You can learn from other’s mistakes and take corrective action. But, hiring a professional to help you to get the job done, allows you to spend time working on what you do best is essential. You’ll make more money.

An example of this is hiring an accountant or bookkeeper. How much time do want to spend tracking expenses for tax purposes? Preparing your books for the tax man? Hardly any, right? So why do you think you can write better copy, design a thought provoking logo, website or brochure that attracts business than a professional? The same question goes for the home improvement crowd. That’s why many get themselves into trouble with lousy wiring (not to code), buckled wall board seams and cracked paint jobs. They spend time doing it over and over until they get it right or completely fouled up. Plus, they waste a lot of time. So, hire a professional. It really doesn’t cost much, and the returns are better.


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[dberkeygroup] is your communication fulfillment team. We let you deal with your business, while we manage your communication and marketing projects. We deal with the "how", utilizing a variety of technologies to better manage your communication needs. Through a group network, dberkeygroup helps get your message out, from concept to completion. Why waste your time trying to figure out the "how" in your marketing efforts, when you should be spending time on the business you know? Some of the projects and goals we have helped succeed: - Cross selling products to various markets. - Fund raising with non-profits. - Generate more RFP opportunities. - Simplify a lead generating process. - Create brand awareness. - Help with trade show presence. Some projects involve creative people, such as graphic designers, writers and website developers. Others involve mail houses, printers (offset, digital or wide format). Other projects involve a mix of many sources. With [dberkeygroup], you only pay for what you need. No extraneous overhead, not lots of employees. We target with the best sources because how your clients see you is important. Our job is to make you and your business look good and make those projects as simple for you as possible.

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