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Video Email

As you know, I’m always looking for new ways my clients can get their word out cost effectively. And now, I’ve found a new method: video email.

It’s always been rather an expensive proposition. But, by partnering with Wlinked, I can now offer video email, conferencing, broadcast, etc. for very little. For the moment, I have not found another platform at this price. It’s the same one that Make-A-Wish Foundation, CIGNA, Applebees and other large corporations use. However, I can now offer the same platform at a price for the solopreneur and SMB market.

Let’s face it, there are 1.4 million people using email, according to Email Marketing Reports. According to Double Click, 68% say they have made purchases due to receiving email, of which 70% said a coupon enhanced that decision. What’s more incredible is that video emails inspire responses within 48 hrs 80% of the time, acceding to Jupiter Research. Another important fact to consider, according to Gartner Research, is that video marketing offers a 280% higher return than traditional direct mail.

So, it’s important that dberkeygroup offer this service. Please let me know if you’re interested.

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About dberkey

[dberkeygroup] is your communication fulfillment team. We let you deal with your business, while we manage your communication and marketing projects. We deal with the "how", utilizing a variety of technologies to better manage your communication needs. Through a group network, dberkeygroup helps get your message out, from concept to completion. Why waste your time trying to figure out the "how" in your marketing efforts, when you should be spending time on the business you know? Some of the projects and goals we have helped succeed: - Cross selling products to various markets. - Fund raising with non-profits. - Generate more RFP opportunities. - Simplify a lead generating process. - Create brand awareness. - Help with trade show presence. Some projects involve creative people, such as graphic designers, writers and website developers. Others involve mail houses, printers (offset, digital or wide format). Other projects involve a mix of many sources. With [dberkeygroup], you only pay for what you need. No extraneous overhead, not lots of employees. We target with the best sources because how your clients see you is important. Our job is to make you and your business look good and make those projects as simple for you as possible.


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