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Health Insurance

So what’s so affordable about health care insurance? It keeps climbing faster than salaries and cost of living. Actually, it increases one’s cost of living substantially.

If you talk to a health insurance exec, they blame the docs. Never mind their own salaries. That has nothing to do with their rates. (Have to chuckle here.) Of course, they’re in the business of making money, but they don’t want to be suffer the consequences of bad investment decisions or poor financial management. It’s all about their salaries and they get paid, and we the rate payers suffer more and more.

Oh yes, they want to blame “Obama Care” as well. It makes them do what they should have organized all along, and that is make insurance available to all, not just cherry pick. And if they want to cherry pick, then they get huffy that the gov’t might just step in and compete.

I say let the gov’t compete. Expand Medicare to all, making ALL people pay into the system. The insurance companies can offer the products to those that can afford them or supplemental insurance products. And, let doctors have the right to refuse services to anyone without health insurance of some sort. And, let the gov’t insurance be available to all workers, retirees or self-employed, including the “undocumented” workers. They could be included under a group plan for farmers who need these people. Not all would need the care, but all would pay into it.

Let’s face it, why insurance is so expensive is that so many healthy, young people don’t pay into the system. The insurance system has become too expensive for them. For the uninsured to use medical facilities, it becomes a burden on the pocket books of those paying for insurance. And, the doctor’s costs go up because of liability insurance they have to pay due to greedy attorneys who need a cause to raise money for their businesses. Oh, and hospitals have costs that are the same and rising. When last in the hospital, the hospital costs far out-stripped the doctors’ fees. The cycle is endless unless we, as a nation start to do something now.

I’ve considered after LifeWise just raised our premiums about 25% while reducing our benefits through raised deductions by 24%, that perhaps it’s time to quit. No more health insurance. When sick, use the emergency rooms and refuse to pay the bills. Of course, that’s not the answer. I wouldn’t want to have to declare bankruptcy just to avoid those bills. Still, I’m at wits end to figure out how to keep up with the health insurance costs. It’s become my largest cost of living, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

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