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What’s new in the mobile space?

Hold on to your hats. The mobile space is about to change. A new company is about to come on the scene, called ViaBlitz. I just met with Jari Kristensen, the owner. So what’s new?

Currently, your mobile space is monitored and controlled by a 3rd party. Is that what you want? We get bombarded by Google, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. as they measure what you’re sharing, then provide you ads for items they think we want. Well, Jari has built a different mousetrap.

First of all, ViaBlitz is not interested in what you share. That has no value … to them. However, if you share an interest via this platform, that information can be geo-located for whom it’s intended or made public by the one who owns the information you shared.

So, let’s make this simple and provide 2 examples:
1) QFC puts out a Blitz code, like a QR code, connected to a new item for sale. Let’s say a discount coupon for hemp milk. It is seen & scanned by someone’s mobile. They can remark on the discount or on the hemp milk. Those comments may be seen by others who either scan that code or with whom they share that code, mobile to mobile. QFC controls whether comments are public or not, protecting their brand. The mobile user may get pinged by QFC whenever it enters the store about hemp milk, which they’ve demonstrated they like, but that message does NOT follow them out the store. Information sharing is geo-located.
2) A person has downloaded ViaBlitz. They know their spouse will be at QFC sometime later that day. They upload a list of items to be purchased onto their app, placing it at the QFC store. That list appears on their spouse’s phone when they enter the store. It does NOT follow them out. They never had to check a text while driving or remember to look at a text or email received 2 or 3 hours ago. So, the message reaches the person who needs it, when they need it and a firewall goes up creating privacy.

There is so much more to this, that ViaBlitz will not be putting everything out at once. VB will put out the business subscriber version, so a business can track what coupon is used, when, where and by which mobile number (not names and addresses … remember, they don’t care). VB will also have 3 free apps for consumers to use and play with, like the coupon player and location sharing. To get full functionality, they’ll have to charge for an app that will be more like a OS for your mobile device.

So look out Google, Facebook, etc. the mobile space is about us controlling our own information not sharing it with a 3rd party. I want to control my interests with whom I want and where it’s shared. ViaBlitz is going to allow that to happen.

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