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Marketing Solutions

You’re having trouble defining your market. How can you better target that audience?

How would you define them? Besides their budget, what are their needs, activities, desires? How can you connect to them by what’s important?

Do you need to test a segment of the market to better define your market?

You’d like to create a loyalty program. How can you accomplish this?

Your non-profit’s returns are only 1.5%. How can you potentially double that or triple it?

You’re heading to an event or trade show in a month, how can you best show yourself?

What is social media and how can I incorporate it with looking like a “spammer”?

The use of printed and online marketing is starting to demonstrate combined strength for the sophisticated marketer. No longer does online marketing work alone. Hence, the use of cross media marketing has come of age, where personalization of your message with multiple touch points becomes more relevant.

dberkeygroup can help you in this field, providing a customized team that can provide a personalized campaign that speaks to each target independently, permitting you to track each target’s movement. In this way, you truly discover your ROI.

We manage the process, allowing you to keep working on your job, running your company or doing your job.