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Printing Labels

Flexography (“flexo”) is the traditional technology for printing labels of all kinds for your packaging needs. Flexo printers can have multiple stations, delivering 1 to 10 colors, plus adding various coatings, finishings and rewind configurations. Flexo can be sheeted, but rolls are more common, offering rewind options (1 – 4) depending upon the labeling equipment you have. It is a high volume print technology, where 10,000 or even 100,000 label orders are common. Flexo presses utilize small diameter rubber plates, printing directly to the label print surface. Quality of dot is not great due to dot gain, so designs must take this into consideration. But, new digital presses, set up for label printing are starting to change that scenario. (See Printing/Digital page for further discussion.)

Still, the versatility and creativity of a good flexo printer is incredible, creating finishes that look like laid finishes on paper, mixing spot matt and dull UV with foils and die cut tabs and enclosures. Flexo is used for wine labels, product labels, peel off labels, packaging labels, labels with foil, labels with color, clear labels, so color floats on you product. It also prints and laminates to magnets, or create safety enclosures for pesticides and other containers. Your imagination is the only limitation.