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I met a person by the name of Dan Singley. He was kind enough to spend an hour with me over coffee, a few days after i’d heard him speak to a group of small business owners. He changed the way I think of printing or other marketing promotions my clients may choose.  Whether I’m helping […]

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Artists vs Vendors

This is a response to Seth’s Blog: Talent and vendors: Your first statement sums it up; sometimes an artist is a vendor and sometimes a vendor may be an artist. It all depends upon the creative talent that is brought forth in any project. For instance, I have worked with many “artists” as their “vendor”, when […]

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Graphic Designer vs The Client

You have to admit, many clients don’t have a clue as to what works for print. This YouTube video demonstrates some of the frustrations graphic designers and printers have with clients whose only experience with print is using MS applications. My disclaimer: video uses graphic language, and I know of no designer that would actually […]

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