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I met a person by the name of Dan Singley. He was kind enough to spend an hour with me over coffee, a few days after i’d heard him speak to a group of small business owners. He changed the way I think of printing or other marketing promotions my clients may choose.  Whether I’m helping […]

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Do QR Code Work?

There’s been a lot of talk about QR codes lately. Is the exponential growth in the use of these codes  reality or hype? It’s reality. You know how I know? I’ve seen some of the the data. Many of the companies offering mobile barcode scanning and mobile payments solutions are releasing the data from their […]

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Does personalization really work?

It may be worth reading a comment I made on my dberkeygroup FB page. I was provided some information from Mind Fire about a collective of data base campaigns, produced nationally, reflecting the results of vertical market campaigns. Some vertical markets do not do well with direct response campaigns of any kind. Others do very […]

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